In December, Pantone announced Untra Violet as the color of the year. Dramatic and striking, this rich color of purple is definitely eye catching. In 2000, the company started the Color of the Year, and this is only the second time they have chosen a shade of purple, Radiant Orchid being in 2014. Purple is associated with royalty and also represents wisdom, devotion, creativity, and independence. Invented in 700 B.C., purple is still a favorite today, though we now have other a dozen variations.

The way purple combines the passion of red and the calm of blue, I cannon help but think how this represents love and marriage. How opposites attract, how two become one, and how the beauty of love creates colors in our lives that makes us see the world with renewed awe and wonder.

This gorgeous bouquet made by Kristen Wolchick of Haute Florals fully embraces the color of the year and is the perfect inspiration for any bride wanting to include Ultra Violet in their color palette. I adore this bouquet and as soon as I laid eyes upon it, I knew Pantone would be proud. It's as if the very paint chip became flowers! Will you be incorporating Ultra Violet into your wedding? If so, comment below! I'd love to hear how you will be using the color of the year on your big day.

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