Styling is a key part of a wedding photographer's portfolio. Well curated components can elevate the emotion and look of wedding day details and make precious heirlooms that brides & grooms will cherish.

A few elements I include in my kit include-

Styling Boards - Textured & Fabric

D-I-Y tutorial


My favorite ribbon is the 4in, as it is PERFECT for styling.

The Mrs. Ring Box (Havenhart)

International Vintage Stamps

I would love to send you some of my collection!

Glass & Silver Plate

Antique find!

Blue Art-Deco Box

Antique find!

Vintage book

...Antique find once again! Go search in local antique shop, many times there are diamonds in the rough!

Crane Sewing Scissors (they really do have everything!)

Loose Florals

Ask the florist to bring some loose florals for styling!

Love notes, Calligraphy, and Invitations

Ask the bride and or wedding planner to bring these items!